Grey Matters

spring / summer 2014

India's most most beloved fashion silhouette is admittedly the sensous drapes of a sari. It comes with the baggage of history by simply being the garment worn across the timeline of India's past.

Should the sari be more relaxed from constriction? Afterall ,ease of flowy movement is one of the sari's strong suits because thats what fashion is. Fashion is the creative eclipe that overshadows thing we take for granted and makes us appreciate new things in a new light. The decidedly orthodox norms associated with the sari and the katori or bowl,choli(top/blouse worn under the sari) are transformed into shirts,while the pre-draped sari-skirts are worn not with the conventional blouses or corsets but with men's shirts ,bow ties,collars and tee is an endeavour to open the sari,or un-wrap it up, rather, to more sartorial experimentation.

The perspex into perspective is being put by pairing vertigenious headpieces (the interpretation of a contemporary neo-modern Bombay bazaar) with the outfits.Textiles used include tulle, brocade,silk and lace ina palette of muted green,blue,green,grey and black with a hint of old gold.the headpieces also incorporate the same fabrics where cut outs from brocade saris with perspex is enveloped ,in a move to hold traditions close,but with a modern outlook over it.

In the GREY MATTER collection the dramatic showpieces will be matched with a collection of covetable,wearable headpieces , neck pieces and epaultes.Pieces are all indivisually designed and each piece carries its own story.