Muchness of Madness

spring / summer 2016

Do we live to dream,or dream to live?we are all cases of parallel existence drifting in and out,curious and satiated, cautious and reckless,sane and whats the shape in the clouds? Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

At a point,this dichotomy collides inside our dream laboratory and ignites our imagination.Just like falling down a rabbit hole,we are living examples of mind scaping experiments.Reality,after all is just the bun of a burger,encasing something we need to bite deeper to truly apprecitae so warp around it,hover over it,giggle longside it,dream big under it and stay one step crazier ahead of it.....

Being an occassional mad-hatter might perhaps be the only way to stay sane.The madness of muchness exists,because noone is completely and hopelessly ordinary.After all what is the use of the book,thought Alice,"without pictures or converstaions?" We are our own wonderland,We are custodians to make-believe but concrete,yonderland.With imagination on full throttle,nothing coulde be anything could be something could be everything could be so many things!But isnt it always the case?

Like,Which dreamed it?

Curiouser and curiouser!

This madness of lisence and the consent of muchness is,thus,the premise in paying homage to the curious world of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland fittingly,as the year marks the 150th anniverssary of perhaps one of the world's most quintessential books on fantasia,innocense,wanderlust and the occassionally surreal discourse. Concentrating on denim as the foundation fabric,along withcrepe,silk,polyester and synthetics,the basic tee is used invaried lengths like long-calf as well as uneven.Mixed pleatedadd-onns in the form of multiple prints and textures and laser-cut seams,accompany black and white headpieces inspired by the theme. "I almost wish i hadn't gown down the rabbit hole-and yet-and yet-and yet it's rather curious,you know,this sort of life!"