The Rainbow Totem

autumn / winter 2010

Life in Technicolor.


Taking its inspiration from the aesthetic conflict between the tribal and the urban. The pieces depend on vivid fluorescent colours and contrasting materials which represent both the city and its extremities, and reflect Shilpa’s Indian urban roots. This collection uses a complex palette that draws on the natural colours found in a rainbow, but also applying familiar Technicolor’s from the urban landscape. The pieces draw attention to both the ethnic and the urban, using structural pieces to convey the sense of a life in Technicolor. Perspex is used in alongside feathers, while Mohawks provide a nod towards the urban warrior.


The collection is comprised of cuffs, neck and shoulder pieces and masks, each is
highly coloured and dovetails perfectly with Little Shilpa’s previous collections
and collaborations.


Cityscapes and vivid colours are combined to give vibrancy and modernity to the collection, which in true form distorts the conventional divide between jewelry, millinery and attire.