autumn / winter 2016

Dear Viewer,
  To begin with, we would like to launch five satellites from the base of this season, to orbit around

The collection is less about the destination (it doesn't have one) and more about the journey (of which it's a fun one). All the pieces were created with the individual and cumulative influences of the satellites in the starry night.

Satellite 1.0
The first satellite contains instructions on how to pick up signals and create a personal rocket. The fuel for the collection, so to speak, because sometimes, we ought to feel like we are at the centre of our own private universes. Be your own Astro-Trooper, gliding in and out of the orbits that surround you. The collection's overall feel and mood corresponds to the self-accepting and fun-loving spirit of this satellite. 

Satellite 2.0 
It's nice when a rocket can time travel. Snippets of the 80s, that zeitgeist-y bracket in time, is what the second satellite greases its propellers with. Nothing sums up perfection in aesthetic imperfection quite like the dizzying halcyon splendour that was the Eighties. It was the last decade that wasn't gentrified by the tech boom- and the decade that gave us fashion staples that are re-invented season after season. This rocket loves all eras, but the chronological pit-stop for this collection could only be found by going back to the future. 

Satellite 3.0 
Life today is all about digitising life itself. From the number of footsteps to the total of jogged kilometres; from the weight of a device to the total calories inside a salad. Everything can be recorded. Numbers are sexy. Satellite 3.0 is the sexy mathematician, and the louche but semi-sporty avatar is all about oomph in comfy, is more fitness-on-fleek than fitness-freak, and sings Let's gets metaphysical. 

Satellite 4.0
This particular satellite has been programmed to capture that wistful sentiment, that hazy feeling most non-rockets call Romance. 4.0 has been constructed with lace and wires. It's brooding, it's melancholy and it's waiting for someone. It doesn't know who, it doesn't respond to questions of technical jargon. It's a state of mind, noir and blanc pools with pastel flowers on its banks. It orbits around the collection in a steady pace, and picks shooting stars and covers them in lace. 

Satellite 5.0
  Earth Etc. 
The fifth, and last satellite, is a time capsule that contains things found on Earth -fabric, assorted raw material, etc.
The collection primarily uses wool, polyester and neoprene. Oh, and lace, but not the least. The fabric comes in a mixture of light pastels and striking neons- the same interplay extends to the headpieces for this collection as well. The season's apparel consists of sweatshirts, tracks and skirts; they've been styled to correspond to the 'SET' trend (think sweatshirt on skirt, and sweatshirt with tracks). 

Like the askew rings of Saturn (because concentric is boring), this collection 'Satellite 20.16' thus has five satellites in orbit. To know this collection is to imbibe the spirit of what's traversing across the sky. The pieces inside this rocket are high on stardust energy, musically charged and fashionably fit. This collection has been made with love-bytes, laughter (IRL & emoji) and solar, as well as artificial, light.