Vesper Bloom

autumn / winter 2014

To watch time flow, in easy compartments, is to watch the sun and the moon battle for the skies, without a sense of wonder, for science is safe and sound. But to watch time glow, the norturnal and diurnal romance, is to watch the sky battle for your imagination, with a scent of the explorer, for the mind's voice is profound. It's a love for all things vespertine that separates the two: What does the night mean to you and what does it suggest? A life of another kind, or a period where your life is put on temporary hold ?

Striking a midnight chord with the new collection, inspired by the dark arts and 'Vespertine', a term used in life sciences to describe something that occurs in the evening. Vespertine shadows are the active flowering or flourishing in the evening, organisms that come alive at night. In the essence of style, nightcrawlers that seep into the dark, spray shock into the stark and with silent shadows make a mark.

There's nothing as macabre, or magnificent, as the pitch-black canvas of the night. Embracing the colour of finality, black, and channelling it into a wondrous direction where wallflowers bloom after a sober day and wild grass sways to the echoes of the blessed unknown. It's the transition, from AM to PM that switches on the moody but magical sides of the dark knight. Multi-faceted reverse-sunflowers with a penchant for mysterious pagan-inspired attire?

It's Vesper Bloom time

Drama beckons.